With burgers from places like Mary’s, The Burger Project and Bar Luca, we’re pretty spoiled for choice here in Sydney.

Well, it seems that that could all be about to change.

The NSW Food Authority has announced a crackdown on hamburgers, with restaurants threatened with BIG fines for failing to cook the meat patties the entire way through.

So if you like your burger tender and juicy, this will affect you. What that means is, our burgers are about to get a lot drier, and yeah – less tasty.

The new guidelines, which are fronted by NSW food inspectors, will require all hamburger mince to be cooked until there is no visible pink meat.

Too much commentary, not enough cheeseburgers… Here is one now… Double with trashcan bacon bitches

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Obviously chefs and burger connoisseurs are not happy, as they believe the risks posed by medium-cooked patties is minimal and exaggerates by the inspectors.

According to the NSW Food Authority, pink burger mince has been linked to a number of cases of food poisoning, specifically E. coli which has been known to cause death.

Under the new guidelines, burger patties must therefore be cooked the whole way through to ensure consumer safety.

With fines of up to $1540 per offence, it’s a safe bet that most NSW burger places will follow protocol.

So if you notice a sudden change in the quality of your burgers, these new guidelines are probably to blame!

Source: Life Hacker

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