It once only existed in our dizziest daydreams: a Pizza Robot. But it’s real, people. It is SO real.

The Domino’s Robotic Unit, or “DRU”, is getting ready for the testing stages in New Zealand. It’s three feet tall, can self-drive up to 20 kilometres and can carry up to ten pizzas in heated compartments.

We know what you’re thinking, “What will stop hangry people from just stealing the pizza from the unmanned DRU?” Well, each compartment has a special secret code that only the intended customer knows. This is some CIA level security.

Domino’s is currently working with the New Zealand government to get these pizza-delivering bad boys onto the streets to figure out when I trial can begin.

We’re not sure what they’re waiting for but it’s a lovely thought to think that soon we’ll be part of a world that has Pizza Robots.



H/T Cosmopolitan