Jonesy & Amanda talk about the weird new Kit Kat bar above

Nestle have introduced a new Kit Kat flavour and while usually this would seem like GREAT news, the flavour is SO wrong, almost NO ONE likes it. 

The twittersphere is slamming the Melon & Cheese treats now being sold at Japanese airports after their limited release last week. 


No surprises that it’s ‘On Sale’… no one is buying it!! 

Here’s what people are saying… 

@SickChirse: This should not be a thing. 

@tgR_tsuru: I’m a big fan of the various flavours of Kit Kat that come out in Japan, but I might pass on Melon and Cheese… 

Some of the more adventurous among us are willing to give it a try… 

@superroberston: Melon and cheese flavoured Kit Kat is so insane I would actually buy one and try it… imagine if it was good? 


If the flavour is successful in Japan, it’ll likely be released in Australia too.. YIKES.

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