Remember when glitter bombing your enemies was a thing?

Now, instead of sending your frenemies a package of glitter that’s ‘guaranteed to go everywhere’, you can now send them something slightly more brutal.

Chocolate covered chillies.

But before you say “Oh, actually chilli chocolate is quite nice,” we’re talking one of the hottest rip-your-face-off chillies in the world: the Carolina Reaper. 

Pepper Bomb Your Mom dips this sadistic chilli into chocolate and sends it to your victim friends or enemies for ‘a gift they won’t forget’.

The service can be anonymous.

“My supervisor loves chocolates, he won’t anymore. Thanks for this, lmfao,” was one review.


Their website states that 174 people who have been pepper bombed, which is also the same number of ‘relationships ruined after pepper bombing’.

On what’s known as the Scoville Heat Scale, the jalapeno measures between 3,500 – 10,000 units. The Carolina Reaper reaches 1.6 million units… but can hit up to 2.2 million.



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