Every time you go to the cinema there are always those adverts that tell you turn off your phone. 

It is one of the hardest things to do though. So much strength has to be used to not check everything every 5 minutes while watching some movie you don’t really care about.

Well, an app is here to help you avoid your phone and watch the movie you paid $24 to see.

It’s called Cinemark and it will reward you for not using your smart phone during the movie.

It works by offering you the option to put your phone in Cinemode, which is a bit like Airplane mode.

If you manage to keep the mode active for the whole movie, then you gain rewards such as free popcorn or even a free movie!


It has been developed in the US and is being rolled out across Cinemas very quickly over there!

I can’t wait for it arrive in Australia so I can eat popcorn every single day.

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