If you’re a foodie and love posting photos of your marvelous creations, or the creations of others onto your social media accounts, this is the app for you!

The Japanese app called Foodie lets you take amazing photos from your phone that makes it look so professional with the perfect lighting and everything.

The really cool part about the app is it lets you know when your camera is positioned directly above your food, so gone are the days of just winging it.

It has 24 different filters you can choose from, including one that blurs the background to give the illusion you used an SLR camera (when you didn’t).

You can upload to social media straight from the app, and it’s free from the app store!


When we take a look at the people who are raving about the app, we’re not surprised. Here’s a before and after shot:

It also makes colour in a photo have that glorious “pop”:

It even works for those more subtle enhancements, including blurring:


H/T Bustle

Photos: Foodie

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