Fear not, sweet Sydneysiders.

The Pokemon craze is not yet over. A Sydney pop-up burger joint called ‘Down N Out’ has created Pokemon-themed burgers and people are losing their God damn minds for them.

Made to resemble three of the most famous characters; Pikachu, Charmander and Bulbasaur, the burgers are being VERY well received. Tinted with green, yellow or orange, Pokemon burgers certainly don’t look like your average burger, but they are the most instagrammable thing you’ve seen in a long, long time.

In a fun twist, you don’t get to pick what burger you eat, instead you will be randomly given one. The burgers cost $15 each and will be available for just two weeks from the St John Young Hotel in Sydney’s CBD.

The complete list of ingredients and elements on each burger are unknown, but some secrets have slipped through. ‘The Charmander is a little bit spicy, there’s kind of a volcanic cheese dripping off it,’ creator Ben Kagan told Mashable Australia.


‘The Bulbasaur is grassy and cleaner, but it tastes like a Big Mac actually — which is quite nice. The Pikachu is a bit sillier, with our “tiger fries” through it.’

Source: Daily Mail

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