Do you wake up on weekend and wonder where you’ll go for brunch?

I know I do, so I always keep an eye out for new cafes to try.

Well, I’ve found a GREAT one for you – and it’s only in Chatswood.

You’ve heard of the Grounds of Alexandra, right? Think great coffee, picturesque landscapes – and veryyyyy long lines?

Well, Flower Child Cafe is one of Chatswood’s newest cafes and it’s actually inspired by The Grounds.

In fact, it’s so new it only opened THIS WEEK and you can find it within the walls of Westfield Chatswood.


The cafe/eatery/indoor garden is the brainchild of Chris Lu and Adam Choker, the latter who is a former manager of the Grounds of Alexandria.

Look forward to delights like French toast with banana marscapone, dark chocolate crumb, fresh berries and salted toffee, proscuitto and asparagus soldiers with poached egg, buffalo mozzarella, tomato powder, and burnt butter hollandaise.

Plus HEAPS of cakes and of course, GREAT coffee!

Source: Concrete Playground

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