Ever wondered why everyone’s favourite sweet had a huge gaping hole in them? 

Why on earth would the lolly factory waste the opportunity for MORE sugary goodness just so they could have a hole in the lolly?

Well, the answer is finally here! 

Life Savers have holes in them because the inventor, Clarence Crace wanted to create a unique candy! 

Originally a chocolate maker, Crane wanted to create a candy that wouldn’t melt over summer. 

In 1912, he created a mint with a hole punched through the middle in order to stand out from other mints at the time. 

Because of their shape, he named the candy Life Savers because its shape reminded him of mini life preservers and released it in Pep-O-Mint flavour. 


In 1918, the Wint-O-Green flavour arrived and in 1935 five new flavours including lemon, lime, orange, pineapple and cherry came in a tin foil pack. 

Since then, Life Savers pops, Life Savers holes, Life Savers gummies and Life Savers sours have been introduced. 

Excuse me while I head down to the general store and get my lifesaving sugar fix 😉 

Source: Ask.com