We’ve all been known to reach for the honey and lemon when we’re feeling under the weather, but doctors are now advising chocolate could be a better option. 

Professor Alyn Morice, a leading expert in cough and respiratory medicine, claims chocolate has properties in it which can calm a cough and there’s research to prove it.

Results from the largest real-world study of over-the-counter cough medicine, in Europe showed that those who took the medicine laced with cocoa, recorded significant improvements in symptoms within just two days.

It’s not the first-time chocolate has been proven to supress the urge to cough. Research at Imperial College in London also found an alkalid in cocoa was more efficient at calming a cough, then codeine, which is found in most medicines. 

The demulcent properties in cocoa is believed to be responsible for the results. The cocoa helps form a coating which protects nerve endings in the throat which trigger the urge to cough.

Doctors warn hot chocolate, unfortunately won’t have the same healing effect, as it’s not in your throat long enough to form the protective coating. You may get more relief by sucking a piece of chocolate, but ultimately the best relief will come in the form of medicine as the ingredients work together with the cocoa to make is so effective. 

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