You can get anything personalised these days: from wooden chopping boards, family portrait figurines or even whiskey barrels.

But instead of just putting your name on something, what if something could truly be personalised – like by using your DNA?

Something really great, like beer?

Meantime Bespoke brewmaster Ciaran Giblin gets this. After getting curious about home DNA kits, he decided to map out his own DNA to see if he could create a beer to suit his tastes on a genetic level.

Specifically, a bitter double IPA.

Not only was he successful, he’s offering beer lovers the opportunity to have their own bespoke brew.

The process involves sending a sample of the customer’s saliva to a genetic testing company to look at the TAS2R38 gene. This gene determines whether a person has a preference with sweet or bitter flavours.


There is a one-on-one consultation with a brewmaster to give further input  before the beer process kicks off. 

Customers get a minimum of 12 hectolitres of their bespoke beer – more than 2000 pints.

But the real hangover is with the price tag… £25,000, which is just shy of $A43,000.

Worth it?

Daily Mail