McDonald’s wants to makes its fast-food outlets feel more like restaurants, with plans to eventually expand table service across America.

The world’s biggest burger chain says it has been testing the service at about 500 of its more than 14,000 domestic US stores.

Customers in those stores order at the counter or at kiosks and sit down and wait for an employee bring out their food, a change that McDonald’s says improves customer satisfaction.

McDonald’s says it will expand the offering in Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington, D.C., early next year.

The push to offer table service like some fast-casual chains do comes as McDonald’s tries to stage a comeback after losing customers in recent years, with executives conceding they failed to keep up with changing tastes.


Despite a string of announcements intended to drum up excitement – including the introduction of an all-day breakfast menu – customer visits in the US have not increased, the company said.

Even though McDonald’s gets a majority of its sales at the drive-thru in the US, the company hopes having table service in restaurants helps improve people’s perceptions about the overall experience.

Table service and kiosks have already been introduced in other parts of the world, including in the United Kingdom.

No word whether we’ll soon see the step up in service down under… but would you want table service anyway?


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