Is the new Colonel Sanders creepy? Some would say yes, we’re not so sure…

KFC’s famous Colonel has had a makeover and while he still retains his Southern gentleman looks, the charm has been turned into overdrive.

With his shirt unbuttoned, bowtie casually undone and sultry stare, the Colonel looks like he’s getting ready to negotiate more than just your chicken order.

The new Colonel is played by George Hamilton (yes, the Golden Globe Award-winning actor) for new TV ads promoting the Extra Crispy Chicken in the US.

Apparently the company were looking for a different look in this Colonel, however they’re sticking with their current Colonel, Jim Gaffigan, to continue promoting their Original Recipe.


Since the Colonel was brought back into flavour in the US last year, there’s been four versions – to promote their different flavours.

But really, if we were to pick a flavour for Hamilton’s Colonel, it would have to be spicy. 

Seriously, that look is a zinger for sure!


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