Everyone knows that IKEA food is strangely superior to all other food in a completely inexplicable way.

From the iconic meatballs to the $1 hotdogs to the creamiest of soft serves, it truly is magical place furniture aside.

So when they’re telling me that they’ve launched a plant-based strawberry soft serve that’s available NOW, I’m already in my car.

The strawberry sorbet will be going for $1.50 for a kids cone, $2.50 for a waffle cone and $3 for a cup.

“Our ambition was to develop a plant-based sorbet alternative that is just as soft, airy and delicious as our popular dairy-based soft ice”, says Matthew Taylor, Country Food Manager for IKEA Australia.  

IKEA also recently announced its latest food goals and wants to commit to 50% of main meals in IKEA restaurants to be plant-based by 2025, and 80% to be non-red meat!

They want to inspire people to live a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle through food and the new sorbet aligns with this with almost half the carbon footprint of its dairy-based friend making it that much tastier!



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