Oreo fans, today is a big day!

Today, we are introducing a whole NEW member to the Oreo family. 

Meet Oreo Thins. Thinner crispier cookies that are a new take on their chunkier older brother. 

The measure at just 7mm in thickness (half the size of the original Oreo) and come in three flavours; tiramisu, vanilla and lemon. 

However, while they look very similar, there is something VERY different about this batch… the CREAM! 

In order for them to be as thin as they are, the amount of cream has been reduced drastically. 

This also means that the delicate nature of the biscuit makes the twisting process a massive challenge. 


Keep in mind these slimmer siblings will be saving you around 30 kilojoules per pop! 

And just because this looks delicious, we thought we’d share it with you! 

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