The general rule of thumb is that you order white wine with fish and chicken, red wine with steak and there’s nothing better than sipping some pink bubbles at a special occasion.

But now one Spanish company has thrown a spanner in the works.

Gik (a wine making start-up) are now producing BLUE wine, by using grapes collected from all over Spain of both the red and white variety.

A pigment found in the grape skin along with indigo (a plant based dye) are then added and VOILA! Blue wine.


Apparently it’s delish too and the company are urging people to drink it with Sushi, smoked salmon or guac with nachos.

Right now you can only get it in Spain where it sells for $15 AUD, but here’s hoping it makes it’s way to Australia soon, because more wine can only ever be a good thing, ammirite?!

Source Famous Live

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