Calling all plant lovers, the grass is now greener over at Grill’d!

No longer do you have to miss out on a big, juicy burger because of your dietary needs because Grill’d have just unveiled a whole new plant based range with two new burgers added to their menu.

Of course, vegans can rejoice with the announcement of the ‘Amazing Vegan Cheeseburgerewhich looks and is said to actually taste like the real deal, despite containing no meat or dairy whatsoever!

Instead, the patty is made soul from chickpeas, pea protein, teff, rice flour, beetroot powder and cracked pepper. There’s also dijon mustard, dill pickle, onion, tomato sauce, vegan cheese and vegan mayo squished in between the bun to round out this vegan friendly burger.

And while all of that sounds insanely delicious, the second burger that’s being added to the menu is the one that’s got people talking. And that’s because it’s the first ever hemp-inspired burger to make it onto Aussie shores.

Yep you read that correctly, HEMP! As in the fibre that comes from cannabis plants, inside a BURGER!

The introduction of the vegetarian burger titled ‘Hemp Therapea’ comes just after hemp was legalised as an approved food source here Down Under.


And while we’re sure that just that word alone will draw in a lot of customers, the rest of the burger sounds pretty darn delicious too with a patty made from green peas, fresh mint, gluten-free crumb and hemp seeds, covered in smashed avo, cos lettuce, beetroot, fresh basil leaves, sea salt and tzatziki.

Hemp is actually known to be pretty good for you to eat because it’s jam packed with protein, vitamins, minerals and the essential oil Omega 3.

Both of these new plant powered burgers are available right now at all Grill’d stores around Australia, so why not head down to your nearest store and try one. We’ll meet you there at 4:20, yeah?

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