The Gods have listened. 

Introducing edible coffee cups, allowing us to have our coffee and eat the cup too! 

The trend is thought to have originated at Sydney-based cafe Piccolo me, where they serve coffee in cookie cups, ice cream cones and even cakes! 

On Fridays I spoil my self with a Nutella cookie cup filled with an espresso.. How do you? #piccolome #ivebeenpiccolod

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However now Piccolo Me isn’t the only cafe to create a coffee cup that is made to be eaten. 

But first coffee!! Monday morning envy 👌☕️ #scmyk #dayattheoffice #coffeeinacone

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Props to @steph_harten

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While you may have a limited time frame in which you can drink your coffee from an edible cup (especially if it is prone to melt) it’s definitely an inventive way to get your caffeine hit! 



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