Bath bomb’s have many purposes. Their calming scents help us to relax; their nourishing ingredients help moisturise our skin and keep it healthy; their bright colours make for a killer Instagram post; and now they are here to help get us DRUNK!!

Introducing the Cocktail Fizzers. An edible version of bath bombs that dissolve into water to give you an instant cocktail!

Now of course, please do not go down to your local Lush store, purchase any old bath bomb and think it’s okay to drink. That stuff is still very much unsafe to consume.

But if you so happen to get your hands on a Cocktail Fizzer made by Cody Goldstein of Muddling Memories we definitely encourage that you drop one of these bad boys into a glass of tequila and drink up like there’s no tomorrow!

Cody teamed up with Tequila brand Patron a few months ago to create the unique product which is 100% edible and safe to consume.


Essentially, the bath bomb in made from real margarita flavoured ingredients that activates and turns into a fruity cocktail when dropped into a glass of tequila.

The Cocktail Fizzer comes in seven different flavours including passion fruit, jalapeño, lychee and chia seed, tomato and thyme, celery and elderflower, pickled plum and kelp tea, and orange and marmalade with sherry.

The only downside? The bath bomb’s themselves aren’t actually available for purchase and can only be found being served at Norwood, a bar in New York City.

All the more reason to book a trip to the Big Apple though, amiright?

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