Avocados have become so popular in Australia that the prices have skyrocketed to up to $6 per avocado in Melbourne.

According to Avocados Australia chief executive, John Tyas, avocado growers are struggling to keep up with unprecedented demand.

“Currently we don’t have the supply for the demand,” Mr Tyas told News.com.au.

“In the last decade people have started to realise it’s a superfood and in summer especially they are harder to come by.

“People want to use them in their salads and it’s a food that cannot easily be substituted.”

Mr Tyas said each person was eating about 3.2kg of avocado each year.

Our avocados are sourced from Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and New Zealand, but some bad weather has affected production, as well as increased popularity due to it being a “superfood”.


“There has been some wet weather, which impacts on the quality of the fruit, and there have been some delays in Western Australia because of the fires, it slowed down transport,” Mr Tyas said.

“The conditions for growing in Victoria are also challenging.”

The avocado shortage is expected to last a few months, but prices are expected to return to normal by April.

Avocado farmers have also planted extra trees to accommodate for growing demand.

Source: News.com.au

Top Photo: Stock Image