Sizzlers days in Australia are numbered folks.

It’s been widely reported that the iconic Aussie fast food joint is no longer a priority for Collins Foods,who control the chain.

They’re instead concentrating on KFC, with Collins Foods chief executive Graham Maxwell saying, “We will maintain our investment in the KFC business with plans for up to eight new restaurant builds in addition to 14 major remodels.”

Remember this Sizzler commercial from 1991?

The group has an extra five KFC restaurants compared to a year ago, bringing the total number to 177.


Australia wide there are only 22 Sizzler stores left and because it’s being managed as a non-core business since last year, no effort or investment is being put into the remaining restaurants.

So it looks like we’ll be saying goodbye to their iconic cheese toast a lot sooner than we were expecting to.

Oh well, there’s always KFC!


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