A new cafe has opened in Newtown, and it’s not just any normal cafe.

Nope this one caters to a very specific type of customer – the stoner.

First of all it’s opening hours set it apart from other, more traditional cafes, and then there’s the menu! Try hot filled doughnuts with ice cream and sauce, or a hot dog filled pizza and you’re on the right track.

D’munchies co-owner and chef, David Payne wanted to create a menu that turned typical stoner food into restaurant quality dishes, and we think he’s succeeded!

Their doughnut nuggets consisting of four flavors, Nutella, 100’s & 1000’s, PBJ and Lemon served with ice cream or jersey milk sound amazing!

They also cure their own bacon and have mastered the art of the perfect burger, what more could you want?!


It’s at 170 King Street and it’s open from midday till 10pm.

Source Concrete Playground