Going without alcohol for a certain amount of times does us all world of wonders. 

Not only does going booze-free assist with weight loss, but it assists with healthy bodily functions immensely. 

For many of us, the December/January period is filled with celebrations… often meaning excess food and drink. 

So, fasting from alcohol for the month of February is a very popular and gentle detox that many Australian’s take part in. 

Here are some tips for those preparing to take part in Febfast

1. Tell people you won’t be drinking and why 

Holding yourself accountable to your friends will encourage you to stay true to your word. 


2. Create a different kind of ‘happy hour’ 

Keep yourself busy with other kinds of activities at the times you’d usually have a drink. We recommend swapping an alcoholic fuelled happy hour with a exercise filled one! 

3. Find a Febfast friend! 

You’ll find it a lot easier to stay encouraged if you are doing it with someone else. 

4. Remove any alcohol in your house 

Out of sight.. out of mind! 


5. Resist the urge to accept all invites 

Try and keep February a ‘quiet’ month… if there are parties every weekend it’ll be a lot harder to resist the urge! RSVP some ‘no’s and let your body rest. 

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