There is nothing like a new pair of jeans. That crisp fresh denim fabric smell, the promise of holding the perfect shape even if you are having the worst day. 

You get them home and put them on, doing a few twists and turns infront of the mirror, checking out your rear and side profile and then wear them in for the next 4 days when you reluctantly have to put them in the wash. 

Being brand new with just the perfect amount of colour and shape, you don’t want them to go in just any wash cycle, these jeans need special care, no cold wash, inferior washing powder for your newest wardrobe addition. 

In the past our best guess at looking after our jeans was to turn our jeans inside out, that this would save the colour, hang our jeans to dry to save the shape and never iron our jeans so they wouldn’t fade.  

Well now the experts have taken the guessing out of what is the best way to wash your jeans, keep the shape and maintain them as new as possible for as long as possible because it turns out there is an actual perfect setting for jeans you should be using for all of these things… 

Here’s what you need to know… the perfect setting… is a COLD WASH on a GENTLE CYCLE. 

So there it is, if you want to save your jeans from the pile of old, shapeless jeans we’ve all collected over the years then you can treat your jeans to a special wash cycle of cold water and gentle agitation. 


The experts also recommend you wash your jeans every 4-5 wears to preserve the colour and shape, use a dark colour specific detergent and avoid shrinkage by not using a high temp in the dryer but hang on the line instead and there is absolutely no need to turn your jeans inside out anymore, this won’t save the colour!

And it’s not too late for your old, tired jeans just by reviving them with these handy tips:

Soak in a clothing dye to revive the colour

Shrinkage? Simply re-purpose your jeans as cut-offs for summer or donate to someone a size smaller. 

Happy washing!