Girls, have you ever wondered why you feel the cold at work A LOT more than your male co-workers? 

Well, we’ve found out why! 

Turns out, air conditioning levels are set by 50-year-old standards based on the resting metabolic rate of a 70 kilogram, 40 year old male! 

A Dutch study has found that the temperature (above) overestimates the female metabolic rate by 35 percent. 

Not only is the temperature causing us to feel miserable and buy more jumpers and coats (like we need another excuse to shop!), it’s also been found that energy consumption of residential buildings and offices contribute 30 percent of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions that are warming the planet. 

SO.. we’re using more energy to keep men cool and as a result we are warming the planet! 

According to the Nature Climate Change Journal, if we set air conditioners to make women feel comfortable, not cold, in summer we could “make real energy savings”. 


Generally, women feel comfortable when the room is 25 degrees celsius and men at 22 degrees celsius. 

A lot has changed since the 1960s.. men definitely don’t weigh 70 kilos anymore. 

If age, sex and body size were properly taken into account, we could further reduce carbon emissions. 


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