Every week, we seem to be learning something new that we should have known years ago.

Last week, it was how to use chopstick properly..

Our whole lives have been a lie 😮 #notameme #notadrill

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Well, now it is post it notes. Which, surely we have been doing right by just peeling it off, writing something down and placing it somewhere noticeable.

Apparently not though, according to a Dutch blog, the lifting from the bottom of the pile upwards to the top causes that annoying bent look on a post- it.


For a perfectionist, it is the worst thing to see.

Well, it could be no more.

The best way to peel a Post – It night?

Peel it from the side. By going from the side it mean you don’t add any force onto the paper, which means it won’t bend, even the slightly. 

So, you get a perfectly flat post-it night.


This has just made me want to restart my list of things to do for the week.. it will look pretty now.

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