Generally, we don’t ever truly appreciate our dishwashers until we don’t have them.

There’s nothing quite like going from having to hand wash everything to that feeling of kicking up your feet and relaxing knowing your dishwasher is taking care of the clean up. 

However lately, you may have found yourself taking advantage of this wonderful machine, so we thought we’d remind you of all the wonderful things your dishwasher can do for you! 

1. Properly clean your toothbrush 

Our toothbrushes keep our teeth clean… but what keeps IT clean? Tossing it in the dishwasher makes this task super simple! 

2. Shine your hubcaps 

That’s right! Chuck them in too! Simply add a cup of white vinegar to the dishwasher with the hubcaps and they’ll come out squeaky clean. 


3. Clean canvas sneakers

Putting your sneakers in the washing machine works.. but it’s loud! Remove the liners before you wash them and skip the dry cycle. Instead, let them air-dry. 

4. Cook Vegetables 

This is especially handy when you’ve got a lot of guests coming over, and don’t have room left in your oven. Try cooking vegetables like broccoli or carrots in foil packets or steaming foil-wrapped potatoes. 

5. Poach salmon 

Surprising, this works a treat! Just make sure the fish is VERY tightly wrapped in foil. 


The Daily Telegraph