By Isabella Lovric 

We all know the frustrating moment when all the fresh produce you bought at the start of the week has already spoiled. It’s like throwing money in the bin!

Check out these 6 grocery hacks that will make your groceries last longer. 

1. Put Your Leftover Avocado Halves with Half An Onion.

The reason your avocado turns that unappealing brown colour is due to an enzyme that causes the flesh to oxidize when it is exposed to air. To avoid this, cut an avocado and place it in an airtight container with a cut up piece of onion and then refrigerate. (via thekitchn)

2. Wash Your Berries In Vinegar And Water


To kill the bacteria before putting berries into the fridge wash them in a vinegar/water solution first. Wash your berries in a solution of three cups of water and one cup of vinegar, then rinse, and then dry to prevent them from moulding prematurely. (via livesimply)

3. Wrap Celery In Aluminium Foil (Not Plastic) 

Wrap your celery in aluminium foil to keep crisp and fresh. Aluminum foil will let the ripening gas ethylene escape. However, plastic bags trap the gas, causing moisture loss and quicker spoilage. (via the kitchn) 

4. Wrap Your Lettuce In A Paper Towel. 


Remove your lettuce from its original packaging. Then, wrap it in paper towel placing it in an open plastic bag to keep fresher for longer. (via thebalance)

5. Separate Your Apples From Other Fruits. 

As apples ripen, they produce a gaseous hormone called ethylene, causing surrounding fruits to ripen. Store apples separately from other fruits  (via mentalfloss)

6. Keep Your Tomatoes Out Of The Fridge.


It’s better to keep your tomatoes out of the fridge and on top of the kitchen counter instead. The refrigerator damages the membranes inside the fruits walls, causing them to go a bit yucky. (via rodalesorganiclife)

Enjoy trying out these simple hacks and eating your (hopefully) fresher groceries!

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