Beware of a number of Australia Post hoax emails doing the rounds targeting online shoppers desperate for their Christmas deliveries. 

MailGuard have attempted to stop the email circulating further. 

The email makes the recipient believe a parcel is being withheld from them and that it needs to be picked up with an accompanying dispatch notice within seven days. 

However when attempting to download the ‘dispatch notice’, the recipient is actually downloading malware to their computer. 

“With Xmas right around the corner the timing of this scam is particularly opportunistic,” Mailguard stated on their website. 

“This is the busiest part of the year for parcel delivery, and scammers know that during the holiday season people are distracted and potentially more vulnerable to trickery.


“We’re all eager to get our Xmas shopping on time, so we might not think twice before clicking a link in an email like this.

“Clicking this link would be a really bad idea. The link would take you to a zipped file that contains malware.

“MailGuard isolated and halted the malicious file before it could do any harm, but this kind of malware file can do a lot of damage, installing spyware or viruses.”

Auspost have also warned users of a similar scam doing the rounds in the past week. 


So have a Merry (and safe) Christmas free from computer viruses! 

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