Apple has used it’s latest launch event to unveil a brand new iPhone.

Don’t panic it’s not the iPhone 7 we have all been waiting for.. in fact it’s the iPhone SE.

It looks exactly like the iPhone 5 looked but comes in new colours, gold and rose gold.

As well as that it has the same graphics performance as the iPhone 6S, the camera captures 4K video and it’s ”50% quicker than the iPhone 5S”.


The iPhone prices were only revealed in US Dollars, with a 16GB version retailing for $399 and the 32GB version for $499.

It will launch in 110 countries, including Australia at the end of May.

At the same event Apple unveiled a 9.7 ”iPad Pro” and there is a further Apple TV event.

Some people, were a little bit underwhelmed by the whole event, saying nothing new, really came..


Still, I’m not an idiot.. I still need to buy, everything, to look cool.

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