If there’s something that everyone loves, it’s chocolate! And if there’s something better than chocolate, it’s chocolate with salted pretzels!!

Well, ALDI has the perfect combination of the two for only $2.69 – and it’s sending social media into overdrive!


One consumer said this block of chocolate is “better than sex”.

“This is well worth it! Great value and it’s delicious! I may have already gone through 4 blocks … maybe shared, maybe not,” said another.



Another commenter confessed their love for the brand by saying: “I bought it for my kids to try and I ate the whole block. I have never eaten a whole block of chocolate!!”

While another said: “This is the only item I buy from Aldi. So much better than any other chocolate.”

It’s clear that this is now at the top of our grocery lists!


Missed Laurel