A saltwater crocodile that attacked a man in far north Queensland last weekend has been killed by rangers.

The man suffered injuries to his hand after being attacked by the 3.6m reptile at Vyce’s Crossing near the Cape York Peninsula community Weipa last Sunday.

The 22-year-old victim told media he managed to free his hand from the animal’s jaws by eye-gouging it.

Parks and Wildlife officers found the crocodile about 50m upsteam from the swimming hole where the attack happened.

They had been planning to relocate the animal but it was in a poor condition, emaciated and missing several teeth, so they made the decision to kill it.

Last week a second, 2.47m crocodile was removed from Lake Placid in Cairns after a swimmer was bitten on the head and neck.

The man managed to pry the reptile’s jaws off his head and neck before swimming to shore.


That reptile was taken to an approved crocodile farm after it was caught by rangers.

Queensland’s crocodile management plan targets animals behaving dangerously towards humans for removal.

The Department of Environment and Science warns people to expect crocodiles in all waterways in the far north, including the ocean, even if there is no warning sign.

It said people should avoid using smaller vessels like canoes and kayaks and stand back from the water’s edge while fishing.

The DES also said people should camp at least 50 metres from water and never leave food, fish scraps or bait near the water, camp sites or boat ramps.

“Remember, you are responsible for your own safety in Croc Country,” the statement said.



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