When 13-year-old Laura Bretan stepped up on stage for America’s Got Talent, we weren’t expecting this!

The talented teen has stunned people around the world with her incredible opera voice as she performed Puccini’s famous aria.

However, not everyone is impressed with her performance.

One opera singer has raised concerns about the impact it could have on her vocal chords.

Taking to Facebook, Heidi Moss wrote that forcing a sound beyond her years can be dangerous.

“Over time, the irritation of singing that way can cause swelling or even worse, nodes or popped vessels,” she wrote.


A New York voice teacher explained the concerns that were being voiced by the opera community.

“She possesses both a promising voice and strong musical instincts, but most of the sounds she is producing are the result of effortful, unsustainable manipulations of a body that is not yet mature enough,” Claudia Friedlander wrote on her blog.

However she does admit that there might be some jealousy at just how great a reach Laura’s performance has had, questioning “Does our desire to correct Bretan’s fans about the nature of opera make us snobs?”

h/t classicfm.com

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