Sometimes the simplest things make all the difference. 

This is a story about Maeve and her family. 

Maeve has cerebral palsy and depends on a speaking device to talk and communicate.

But one thing her sister, Erin, noticed was there were no voices that accurately sounded like a young, eight-year-old girl. 

Considering what someone sounds like plays such a huge role in how you are perceived, she wanted Maeve to have her own voice.

Enter Dr Patel from Vocal IDs – a company that create voices using a mash up of voices and sounds. 


Erin volunteered to use her own voice, which was combined with sounds from Maeve herself to create her very own original voice. 

Just watching Maeve react to her new voice, alongside her family, is heartwarming.

And of course one of her first sentances was a shout out to Taylor Swift!


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