One Aussie music festival could restrict the famous Village People from being their flamboyant selves when they perform Down Under.

The band are set to play at the Golden Plains music festival in March, but band member Felipe Rose may not get to wear his Native American headdress.

Meredith Music Festival, the partner event to Golden Plains, put a ban on the head wear during the festival – following an initiative by Canadian electronic music festival, Bass Coast.

The reasons given for the ban were that people wouldn’t wear them in “real life” and weren’t native American, and also that they blocked people’s views.

Meredith followed suit putting the ban in place as the headdresses have become something of a staple at festivals everywhere.

While Golden Plains haven’t stated whether or not the ban will apply to the three-day festival, Rose will not be applying it to his outfit.


As his bandmate Alex Briley told News Ltd, Rose has the legitimacy to wear it.

“He is Native American … As far as I know, Felipe is still going to wear his feathers and still going to be the perfect Native American that we’ve always known,” Briley told the news outlet.

Rose’s father is Lakota Sioux and he has taken time out before to connect with his native American heritage.

Briley said Rose has visited many of his tribes in the states, “and we’ve met many, many across the country,” he added. AAP