Are you one of those people who claims that they just can’t live without music? Well… now you don’t have too.

U.K. Company And Vinyly have transformed music and death into one very unique business model. They offer the chance to ‘press your ashes in a vinyl recording your loved ones will cherish for generations’.

Jason Leach, the founder of And Vinyly, came up with the idea after a failed attempt at scattering his Grandfather’s ashes from a boat, in a strong breeze. Let’s face it, this kind of thing happens all the time…

And Vinyly‘s process is fairly straightforward: Ashes are delivered to a pressing plant and sprinkled into the raw vinyl. Each record has 24 minutes of available audio and the customer gets to pick exactly what goes on it. It doesn’t have to contain music either, you can have your own voice on there. Creepy much?

Can you imagine trying to pick 24 minutes worth of audio to sum up your whole lifetime? We thought making a mix-tape was hard!


Having your legacy remembered by vinyl doesn’t come cheap either, a basic And Vinyly package starts at £3,000.

If you’re eager enough to do this, what will you put on yours?

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