Rough day at the office? Hungover as all hell? How badly do you wish you could crawl under your desk right now and take a nice little nap?

Unless you work in an office that’s slick enough to have sleep pods, naps are pretty much impossible in the workplace. Let’s face it, it’s not a good look either. No one wants to be this guy…

(Picture: Daily Mail)

We’ve found the perfect invention to help you achieve your workplace nap goals. Introducing the Schnap, an AMAZING hammock designed to fit under a desk.


(Picture: Schnap/Facebook)

The Schnap (a hybrid of school and nap) was created by Aqil Raharjo, a student at Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto, who was inspired by his own late nights working at school. The hammock can be hooked securely under your desk, creating a cosy little sleeping pouch. It even has extension ropes and a carry pouch that doubles up as a pillow. Aquil has thought of everything. 

(Picture: Schnap/Facebook)

This total game changer isn’t available for purchase, yet. Aquil is currently looking for investors to help out with mass production. Check out Schnap’s Facebook page HERE


Source: Mashable 

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