Being under the knife is scary enough, you don’t want to think that there’s a chance the doctors will be talking smack about you while they’re cutting you open.

Well, after an unpleasant encounter with her doctor, Ethel Easter decided to hide a small recorder in her hair extension during her hernia surgery.

Thank goodness she did.

When Esther played back the tape, she was shocked to hear him and other medical professionals making NASTY comments about her body – as well as talking about touching her and a reference to Bill Cosby.

After her doctor told her she would have to wait months to be scheduled for surgery, she said she told him: ‘I was like “I can’t wait for two months.” ‘He got very abrupt.

He said, “who do you think you are? You have to wait just like everybody else.” ‘She’s a handful.


She had some choice words for us in the clinic when we didn’t book her case in two weeks,’ he says.

He repeats a comment he claims Esther made about calling a lawyer about the issue while others are heard laughing.

One man asks: ‘That doesn’t seem like the thing to say to the person who’s going to do your surgery.’

Esther says the medical professionals also made hurtful comments about her body and called her ‘Precious’ – a reference to Gabourey Sidibe’s character in the 2009 film.

‘Did you see her belly button?’ a woman is heard asking, followed by the sound of laughs.


‘It was Precious meet Precious, as though I was this big, fat, black woman,’ Esther told Fox26.

According to the report on Daily Mail, her doctor also remarked that he felt sorry for her husband.

While Esther says she does not intend to sue anyone, she wants to share her story.

Unsurprisingly, a Harris Health System spokesman was not immediately available for comment.

Source: Daily Mail

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