If you ever use in ear headphones, do yourself a favour and clean them before sticking them back in your ears…

Trust us…

According to a study published in the Online Journal of Health and Allied Sciences, frequently using in-ear listening buds significantly increases bacterial growth within the eardrum.

Working out with earphones can contribute to the development of bad bacteria too, thanks to the increased quantity of sweat we produce during exercise.

Using in-ear buds while producing a high quantity of sweat can even cause the painful complaint of swimmer’s ear, which occurs when foreign objects are inserted into the ear, damaging the skin and allowing bacteria to enter.

Dr Chiranjay Mukhopadhyay of India’s Manipal University also cautioned against sharing earphones with friends, which in some cases can even cause the onset of painful ear infections.

During a research study at the University, harmful bacteria was found on 92 per cent of ear swabs taken from people who regularly shared their earphones with friends, compared with only eight per cent of those who shared less frequently.


So clean your earphones, clean your ears and don’t share your sweaty and greaaaaaasy bloody ear buds. UGH.