Well we didn’t expect this!

Salma Hayek was on The Graham Norton Show this week and opened up about an interesting story between her and her husband. 

Hayek is an absolute animal lover.

And not just of pedigree, well trained dogs or horses… but instead she loves rescuing the abandoned and injured and giving them a new loving home. 

So before travelling across the world to film her next movie she had made a promise to him that she would not rescue any more animals – they were already up to 30!


Of course during her short stay in Bulgaria she came across a sick, abandoned little puppy that she absolutely HAD to save. 

How did she approach telling her husband? 

She decided to go for the ‘worst case scenario’ approach – and tried to convince him that she had an affair.  

Therefore, the idea of adopting one more puppy would seem like so much of a relief it would almost be like it was his idea! 

But the way he reacted was GENIUS!!


We’re sure he was a welcome member of this big family… 

My lovely alpacas… I miss them #my #lovely #alpacas #miss #them Mis adoradas alpacas… las extraño #mis #adoradas #extraño

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