Leonardo DiCaprio won the Best Actor Golden Globe for his stunning performance in The Revenant, and he had some special thanks to give to one person in particular – his makeup artist.

The world renowned actor has only one two Golden Globes previously, one as Howard Hughes from The Aviator (2005), and another as Jordan Belfort in 2014’s Wolf of Wall Street.

He thanked those close to him, his director Alejandro G. Iñárritu, his co-star Tom Hardy, and Sian Grigg – his makeup artist.

“My makeup artist, Sian Grigg — you are an unbelievable talent. Thank you for all the genius you brought to this movie.”

The makeup routine was quite intense, with Sian using wax to create the icy look on Leo’s beard, and consistently updating his face with fresh scars and bruises.

In an interview with Ellen Degeneres he revealed that the process took about four to five hours.


Sian Grigg has been doing Leo’s makeup for a long time, since his role in Titanic.

Check out the trailer for The Revenant below!


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