An astonishing gif has taken the web by storm showing a group of A-list Hollywood stars refusing to applaud Oscar winner Jenny Beavan.

The British designer won the award for her costume work in Mad Max: Fury Road, but she didn’t receive a warm response as she walked towards the stage.

Instead Hollywoodites including The Revenant’s film director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu sneered and crossed their arms in protest.

While it’s not unknown why Beavan received such a frosty reception, it may have had something to do with her casual attire.

The designer stayed true to her Mad Max costume, flaunting a black leather jacket bejewelled with a colourful skull on the back.

Fans were quick to question the lack of applause, defending the designer for her rebellious look on the red carpet.


Beavan was previously referred to as the “bag lady” by British comedian and actor Stephen Fry who joked that her win for Best Costume Design was ironic in light of her outfit choice.

Fry was promptly hit with criticism by fans who vented their disapproval over his harsh comments.

Bevan, who has been nominated 10 times for an Oscar for two wins, has snapped up several awards for her work in the dystopian action thriller, including Guild and BAFTA awards for best costume.



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