We’ve heard of loyal 4KQ listeners but this even took us by surprise. 

Recently we received a letter from Jay who listens to our station religiously. 

What’s unusual about this is that Jay hails from Thomasville in the United States – and how he found the channel is a story in itself.

Jay was part of the US Navy Band on the USS Ozbourn that toured Brisbane in 1958.

Then 4KQ General Manager, Les Andrews, heard of the band and invited them to perform across the hour-long South Coast Calling.


Since the welcome reception he received while performing at the station, Jay has tried to follow the station – obviously made much easier with the ever-expanding reach of the internet. 

And he reached out to us this month, sending through the original press release, photos and a special request for his 55th wedding anniversary and his wife, Charlotte’s, birthday. 

What amazing, loyal listeners Jay and Charlotte are!


We wish them a very happy 55th anniversary and a happy birthday to Charlotte this month!

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