This photo has stumped the internet because of one thing… We can’t tell who the mum is in it, can you?

When Kaylan Mahomes posted this selfie with her twin Kyla and her mother Tina, everyone was confused.

The caption reads: “Mom, twin and me.” 

But, can you tell who the mother is in this photo? We can’t!

It was posted on January 28 and has since been retweeted over 20,000 times and been favourited over 32,000 times.

After the success of their selfie, the family created an Instagram page to share more (confusing) images of the trio, who often get mistaken for triplets “all the time”.


But, to put you out of your misery, the mum is on the far left.

“When we go to the store, people always ask [my mum] if this is our big sister. We got that sometimes out in public but I didn’t really know it was that deep,” 16-year-old Kaylan told ABC News.

Her mother, Tina Brown, agreed.

“I didn’t realize how much we looked alike or how big of a deal it was for people to think that we look more like sisters, versus mom and daughters although we do get that a lot,” the 35-year-old said.

She also said she doesn’t have any specific tips for looking younger than her age, but she tries to stay healthy.

“I do try to drink water although I don’t drink as much as I should,” she said. “While looking nice on the outside is great…I do teach the girls to focus more on education and inner beauty.”


Source: ABC News