We know not to complain or send back restaurant food mid-meal because, chefs lick food. But, there’s always the safety net of Facebook complaining, right? Not if you’re upset with Manchester, UK, restaurant, Luistano. You’ll get told to “just f*ck off, lady.”

Would-be patron, Jennifer Bennet, had good reason to complain: they took her reservation and then shut down for renos. Miffed to find her pre-purchased Groupon meal voucher was void via a hand-written note on the door saying it was ‘closed for improvement’ she took to Facebook.

Seems fair enough. Jennifer expected an apology from the restaurant, but instead got….

To be fair, Luistano restaurant social media person, Jennifer already did that when she had to abandon her dinner plans. Maybe it’s time to take some of the reno budget and put it toward a good PR firm.

Source: Viral Thread

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