You should have made a run for it yesterday! Unfortunately, there is not a single place you can buy booze on Good Friday.

We know, we shouldn’t have told you and just left you to enjoy your four-day weekend. But when it comes to alcohol, we just had to give you the heads up. It’s the Australian way.

Here’s a list of what is and isn’t open in Australia over the Easter long weekend. Save your tears.

Good Friday

Practically nothing. Good Friday is a restricted trading day in all states, which means most supermarkets and shopping centres are closed.

But, you’re in luck, smaller corner stores, IGA’s, petrol stations and chemists are allowed to trade, however it is up to their discretion.

Bottle shops will be closed. Licensed premises in NSW can serve alcohol from noon until 10pm, and you can drink alcohol at licensed restaurants in most states as long as you also order food.


Easter Saturday

Although it’s a public holiday (except in WA and Tasmania), bottle shops and supermarkets generally trade on Saturday – yay!

Major centres like Westfield will be open and there are NO restrictions on alcohol sales.

Easter Sunday

This is where it gets tricky again. It’s only a public holiday in NSW, Victoria and ACT, so in these states most supermarkets are closed.

But, if you’re in Sydney’s CBD and in a real pickle, some will be open in the city centre, but check their websites first.


If you’re in Victoria, everything will trade normally and there are no alcohol restrictions.

Although it’s not considered a public holiday in Queensland, they don’t care, some supermarkets will be closed but mostly the ones outside Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Easter Monday

This is a public holiday for the entire country, but most trading will resume as normal.

The big supermarkets will be open, except in SA where only selected stores will remain open.

There are also no alcohol restrictions on Monday so you can feel free to party on!


Source: Daily Mail

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