Yep, another fashion label we’ve been pronouncing wrong in an embarrassing way.

Apparently, we’ve all been saying ‘Zara’ wrong.

Due to its origins in A Coruña, in Northern Spain, it’s pronounced “Dzah-dah”, rather than “Zah-rah”.

Refinery29 senior fashion news editor, Alexandra Ilyashov said, “Between checking out the retailer’s sprawling design studios and sipping Rioja, we realized there was a key component to the Zara orbit that we hadn’t quite grasped yet: How the hell DO you pronounce Zara correctly, anyway? Luckily, one of the retailer’s communications reps was kind enough to set the record straight for us.”

I think I nailed it.

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In the northern region of Spain, Zs are pronounced with a soft “th” sound and Rs are closer to Ds.

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