Do you look at Lauren on MKR and get a little skittish?

Do you look at Dee and the way she treats Tim and get fired up?

You’re not alone.

However, there seems to be one contestant who is alluding everyone…

After cooking last night, Cochrane and his buddy Alex are safely through to the next round, and revealed that the biggest pain around the table wasn’t Lauren, as everyone has seems to now think – but in fact, Lisa.

“I am just going to throw it out there: Lisa was one of the most irritating ones at the table to be honest,” Cochran said.


“I know she doesn’t seem like it on TV. She was really direct in a weird way … and really held up her nose at different things people would say.

“She was against everyone else and thinking everyone was against her,” he said.

In fact, Cochran says that he feels Lisa still carries a gripe, after he and Alex met her on a recent promotional job for the series and she was “cold” towards them.