Suzanne Hill is the amazing woman who you may have seen giving mouth to nose resuscitation to a baby foal to save it’s life after a traumatic birth this week. 

Suzanne works for the North west Equine Rescue Inc., so we spoke to her about the video that has gone viral this morning.

And Laurel being the horse lover she is, was enamoured by the footage. 

What a magical gift of life. 

And while the foal is now prancing around ‘like it owns the place’, unfortunately the mare isn’t out of the woods yet after the difficult birth.


Suzanne has asked that if anyone feels so inclined to donate any amount of money to the life saving surgery of the mare and other animals at the North west Equine Rescue Inc, feel free to donate here or SMS EZZY to 0428 958 940 to donate $5 or more!

For more information on the North West Equine Rescue Inc, you can also visit their website. 

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