Lee has been a carer to her family, is juggling work as a teacher and trying to maintain a life of her own. 

Her mother passed away earlier this year, her 30-year-old son – and only child – has been battling cancer for six years and is resorting to experimental treatment in a last ditch effort to extend his life. 

2016 has been a tough year but Lee refuses to let it overcome her.

A little bird, Lee’s friend and colleague Madonna, shared her story with us and from that moment we knew we had to do whatever we could to help. 

As much as we’d love to find a cure for Mike’s Hodgkins Lymphoma, or bring her mother back to live, unfortunately we cannot. 

But what we can do is give Lee and her son the chance to make as many lasting memories as they can. 

Listen to our chat with Lee below and find out what our friends at Flight Centre and SeaWorld Resort offered her. 


By the end of this interview we were all in tears… but it’s worth it to know that we perhaps put a smile on the faces of a family who perhaps need a reason to smile.